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The next Industrial "Revolution" has begun - we like to call it Industrial Refactoring.

While the demands of the industrial sector increase, a historic opportunity exists to change the underlying processes that serve them. We call this point in time the Industrial Refactoring, borrowing from the technical refactoring of code. And while we love revolutions as much as the next person, we don't think it will all look like a revolution.

Unprecedented technological transformations produce unprecedented possibilities. Within a few years, civilization has witnessed multiple paradigm-shifting innovations - ranging from AI/ML to cloud computing - come online simultaneously. The convergence of these innovations provides fertile ground for new age pioneers to alter how the world operates. The potential of these innovations is obvious, but the application is still in the early phases.

The refactoring is grounded in applications, not technology.

Application via Innovation

Companies that leverage recent technological innovations to provide a fundamentally new approach to serve existing needs recently made feasible due to technological advancements that provide a fundamentally new approach to serve an existing need. Example: 3D printed houses.

Application via Transformation

Companies that leverage recent technological advancements to reshape existing products and processes to enable and unlock superior levels of efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Example: technology enabled supply chain optimization.

Led by a new era of
Industrious Pioneers...

We are fortunate to work with the pioneers who are changing the face of the industrial sector. We applaud their bravery and commitment to progress. We serve them with capital and conviction as we bring both our startup and venture investing experience to the table...



“Fulfillment Network Powering Generational E-Comm Shift.” We led the Series A1 and participated in the Series B, Co-investing alongside Canvas, Moment, and BuildGroup.

“Smart Loading Docks for the Autonomous Era.” We participated in the Seed,
led by Founders Fund.

“Founder with Unique Logistics DNA tackles Cross-Border Freight.” We invested at Series A, led by USVP.

“SMB Parcel Freight for Ocean from Factories in China to end consumers in the US.” We invested at Seed, with Slow Ventures and Bonfire Ventures.

Ocean Freight Exchange
“Modernizing the $1T+ Market, ‘Expedia’ for Bulk Freight.” We invested at Seed, with Mac Ventures, Alpaca and Accomplice.



ICON Build
“3D Printing for Large Construction on Earth…and Beyond.” We invested in the Series A that includes Trust Ventures, Vulcan Capital, Moderne Ventures and Wavemaker Partners.

First Resonance
“Next-Gen Execution & Tracing for Complex Manufacturing.” Founded by a former SpaceX engineer. Syndicate is led by Wavemaker and BlueBear with participation from Fika, BuildersVC and Village Global.

Symbio Robotics
“Enabling Next Wave of Industrial Robots.” We invested in the Series B, led by Acme, with participation from a16z and Eclipse.

“Computer Vision for Manual Manufacturing.” We invested at Seed,
with participation from Hustle Fund and Sterling Road.



“Jet.Com 2.0 for the AI Era.” We invested at Seed, with participation from Precursor, Upside Partners, and Moment Ventures.

“Largest AI Data-Set Powers Revolution in Personalized E-Comm Shopping.” We invested at Seed, with Precursor.

“No Code Voice Shopping Experiences.” We invested at Seed, with participation from Amazon Alexa Fund, Math Capital and Vulcan Capital.



“Reusable 2nd stage Rocket for the Launch Boom.” We invested at Seed, led by NFX & MaC Ventures with participation from Liquid 2 Ventures.

Bear Flag Robotics
“Making Legacy Tractors Autonomous.” We invested at Seed, led by True Ventures with participation from AgFunder.

Creates and continuously updates a digital twin of buildings that serve as the building's system of record. Participated in Series A led by Trust Ventures, with participation from MetaProp & Khosla Ventures.


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